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E-mail providers


1. Hotmail -Microsoft's free e-mail has millions of users

2. Lycos Mail isn't quite so busy - you may get the username you want

3. Netscape's webmail is also AOL webmail

3. offers a choice of names from domains they have set
aside for the purpose, such as and

5. Check your Shaw webmail directly while away from home. NOTE: This link opens in a
new page because it runs a script that 'captures' your browser so the back button doesn't work.
To come back to this page, close the Shaw window by clicking on the X in the upper corner

6. You can also read your Telus webmail from anywhere

7. Google provides lots of storage but shows ads based on the content of your email

8. Also seen on the portals page, here's the Yahoo webmail link

9. Check out email hoaxes and chain letters first at the Snopes site, before sending them on to your friends

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