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Free and Fun Stuff - a selection

  1. Online Greeting Cards from Virtual Florist is one of the best

  2. But here's another view of why some people don't want to receive an online greeting card

  3. And from the same source, How Spammers Get Your Email Address

  4. Seniors portal has lots of links for seniors helping seniors

  5. Treasure hunt online lets you test your browsing and research skills

  6. Bluenose Webcam in New Westminster lets you check out the traffic and the view at several busy highway traffic spots

  7. And the site of the 2010 Olympics at Whistler-Blackcomb

  8. Compare cell phone rate plans on this useful Canadian site

  9. Some funny internet sounds which you can put on your system

  10. Calendars of US and Canadian holidays - to help you plan vacations

  11. The Hubble Telescope site has incredible images

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