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Internet Class Links

  • Telephone directories on the web includes the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia - from Austria to Madagascar and from Malaysia to Argentina and many points in between

  • Horizons Unlimited is a website about a Canadian couple's round-the-world journey on their BMW motorcycle. From photos of penguins in Antartica to leopards in Africa, it's a travel site with maps, diary and a bulletin board for other road warriors to stay in touch, post questions and share the latest road news. Don't miss their saga of swimming the bike across flooded roads after El Ni´┐Żo in Peru

  • An Atlas of Cyberspaces - graphical representations of the web

  • Evaluate your odds of living to age 100 with this quiz from the Alliance for Aging Research organization

  • University of Iowa site with many journalism resources.

  • Geek Girl's Plain English Computing site

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