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1. Need to find a needle in a Cyberstack? The Info Finder has links to museums, book reviews, popular magazines, and much, much more

2. Telephone directories on the web includes the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia - from Austria to Madagascar and from Malaysia to Argentina and many points in between

3. Google is probably the biggest search engine in the world, but Lukol is trying to beat them

4. First headlines - lots of news from all over

5. Search with plain English at Ask (formerly Ask Jeeves)

6. Easy Searcher says it's a great search page for newbies and old pros

7. Ever want to convert feet to furlongs or fahrenheit to Celsius? Try the Interactive Units Converter for many calculators to help you.

8. When in doubt, try the library, especially Vancouver Public Library


9. Treasure hunt online

10. Research on academic topics at Infomine

11. Dogpile is another meta-search engine

12. Find quotations on many topics at this site

13. News search engine

14. Scientific American lets you ask an expert

15. More free expertise here

16. For the mad scientist that lurks in all of us...the next 9 links

17. Great site about buildings and skyscrapers

18. The Venus Project is an interesting modern culture and science site

19. For the space wanderers, there's SETI

20. Latest info on space probes, including the Mars rovers

21. To hear what the sun would sound like (based on radar returns)

22. Real time images of Earth from space

23. SOHO space-borne Solar observatory -- you can sometimes even see comets that fall into the sun!

24. Space weather conditions, visibility of space objects (comets, etc.)
and excellent pictures of aurora worldwide

25. Reference desk seems like a good place to stop

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