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Internet Class Links

The Internet Class Links page has finally been sorted into categories - Click on a link to visit each category. Click on "Internet Class Links" at the side of each page to come back here. If I've removed your favourite link, email me and I'll put it back or tell you how to find it.

Computer Basics

Some of my favourite Help and How-To Links


More help once you're beyond the basics

Free and Fun Stuff

Online Greeting Cards, Treasure Hunts and more

Arts & Sciences

Museums, Galleries, Space Telescopes


Directories, News Links and search engines worldwide

Maps & Travel Info

Atlases, Travel Sites,
Postal Codes, Mapping

Email Providers

Check your email online - some webmail links too

Privacy & Security

Keep yourself safe and maintain your privacy

Portals & Gateways

Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, MSN, Netscape and more

I created this page so that my students would not have to type out all the links we visited
in the class. If you find this site useful, please feel free to recommend it to others
Please remember that this list just scratches the surface of the web - there's so much information out there.

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