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Customized computer training, one-on-one, at your workplace or home. Learn what you want to learn, at your own pace, and lots of time for questions. An ideal way for seniors to get online fast. Handout included.

ESL for Business, for Networking, for Conversation, for life in Vancouver. Learn what you need to know to be successful.

Writing and Editing can take your existing marketing materials and adapt them for the Internet, or we can create new material for you based on research, changes you've implemented, ideas you want to try.

Need to give a speech or write an important letter? Let us help you choose exactly the right words to express yourself. Or tell us your topic and we'll help you get it written.

Customized newsletters can help you retain clients and attract new ones. Brightwebs can create a newsletter for you to mail or post on your website, with the content your business needs.

Website Maintenance

Does your website need an update? Are your links still valid? Are they still of interest to your visitors? Do they need an overhaul? can update, rewrite where necessary and maintain your site, either on a one-time basis, weekly, or monthly, at your convenience.


The internet is the world's biggest library - so much information can be overwhelming. Search engines leave you with long lists of disorganized material. Let do the searching for you and provide you with a research report, a synopsis or a list of useful links tailored to your particular question.

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